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Created on 2010-05-14 22:26:57 (#515158), last updated 2010-05-14 (387 weeks ago)

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Name:UK Lolitics
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
  1. This is a lulz community focused on UK politics. This means your posts should not only be about UK politics or politicians, but they should be funny. Speaking of which, mods decisions are final and you will be mocked if you argue. Got it? Great! :)
  2. Whilst this is a discussion comm, you can post pretty much anything you like as long as we can talk about it and it makes us laugh.
  3. Once again, this is a lulz community; there are plenty of other spaces for you to discuss SERIOUS BUSINESS politics but this is not it. Is your post about the kind of facial hair you think would look best on a party leader (with Photoshopped evidence), or how a zombie apocalypse would go down in the Houses of Parliament? If so, you're good to go. If not... take it somewhere else.
  4. The community was set up by a Liberal Democrat, who was prompted by a Green and is probably going to be populated by a bunch of lefties. You're still welcome if you're not a lefty yourself, but lefty-bashing and pro-rightwing wank will be jumped on and stopped before you can say "I love Nick Griffin!"
  5. Teasing and joking about is okay, however; we just come down hard on personal attacks based on political views.
  6. Except if you're Nick Griffin, Julie Bindel, or otherwise racist, ableist, LGBT-phobic, sexist, xenophobic... you get the idea. If you hold any of these views, or similar, you can GTFO.
  7. Some community members like fanfic, slash and shipping; some don't. Use your discretion, but don't bitch if you don't like what happens.
  8. Margaret Thatcher is the devil.

Idea shamelessly ganked from [ profile] uk_lolitics. We also recommend [community profile] international_snark.
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